The MCF Validator
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Delegate to our Validator: 2het6nBRLq9LLZER8fqUEk7j5pbLxq2mVGqSse2nS3tf
The Story so Far...
We have a primary and secondary server, one in London, the other in Moscow. The London server is bare-metal in a local data center. The one in Moscow is a dedicated leased server... Solana is a really new network, so I don't think it's so important to have a lot of procedures, rather to be flexible. The hardware requirement is in flux; initially GPUs were thought to be very important, this is not currently the case, you don't need any at all. Fast storage ended up being much more important than people thought. In the future, when smart contracts are executed in parallel across GPUs, then I guess GPUs will become important again. So the key is to be able to change hardware and setup quickly, we can do that... We've been with Solana from the beginning, from the Dry-Run before TDS, it's a very strong project.
A Little Bit About Security
We do the normal stuff; firewall, no password logins to servers, pub/priv keys only, monitor using Prometheus and Grafana... But to be honest a lot of security is swings and roundabouts; having more employees is better, until one of them goes rouge. Using a machine in the cloud is generally more reliable (hardware) and secure (DDOS attacks), which sounds great until you need to make a rapid hardware upgrade the cloud provider doesn't support. A person might even want to host a machine in their spare bedroom, it sounds like amateur hour, but that guy will be able to respond to alerts and swap out hardware faster than anyone else. Apart from the precautions that most people take, it's usually a case of trade-offs... If you are a delegator, the best thing you can do is delegate to multiple validators (more is better, yes it is a pain sry) and set a reminder on your phone to check once a week that they are all up. You can use to find validators you might be interested in delegating to, but PLEASE also check and DO NOT delegate to validators above the "Halt the Network" line, as it is important that the network be as decentralised as possible. If a validator is down for a long time and no longer in discord, you know the score, stuff happens, you just redelegate.
I'm on the Solana discord most days, either in the dev chat or mainnet validators chat, DM me.